2018 Corvette and the Upcoming Expected Improvements


So, what’s the news with the 2018 Corvette? Well, the company had the DOHC engine last time in 1995 and it seems that they are going to use the similar arrangament for the new Corvette. There has been leaked document, there is a link between the new model with the LT5 engine. However, if the company is going to make a powerful engine arrangement, a combination of VVT, V8 direct innjectioin DOHC 6.2 liter, and the aluminum block sounds like a good option.

Engine Arrangement

The new engine won’t be used to the replace the Stingray LT1, though, so it is possible that the ZR1 will be the one getting the DOHC. When compared to the OHC unit, the DOHC is able to deliver more power with higher rev ability. The question now is whether the new engine will be in the turbocharged or supercharged model or the naturally aspirated one? Since the LT4 has produced 650  hp of power with the Z06, it is possible that the ZR1 will be coming with 700 hp of power – competing againts the Aventador and also the F12 Berlinetta.

Test Images

There have been several images about the new Corvette being tested. From some of the images already avaiable on the internet, it is pretty clear that the company is serious about the upcoming release. If you take a good look at the images, you should be able to see the piston blue painted brake calipers, the adjustable rear airfoil, and the intercooler front fascia air intake. Further details about the 2018 Corvette is supposed to be available soon enough – or at least close to the release date.

The upcoming 2018 Corvette will be coming with composite body aluminum spaceframe with two seat arrangement that was already introduced in 2014. Considering that the model is set to compete againts other powerful vehicle, the company has dedicated their extra efforts for this development. Although they haven’t said anything official, it is a sure thing that we will be impressed by the new production.

Price and Release Date

It is highly possible that the new ZR1 will be revealed during the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) in upcoming Detroit event. Although the details of the price is unknown, everyone is sure that it will be in the six figures arrangement. Don’t forget that the previous ZR1 C6 cost around $110,000 so the new 2018 Corvette should be around it or even higher.