2018 Dodge Challenger Changes to the Better


There has been a new update about the upcoming 2018 Dodge Challenger, the next muscle car with impressive power and performance. If the previous Hellcat has been claimed to be quite extreme, well, you can expect more than the Demon. Yes, that’s right – the new Challenger Demon is supposed to be available during New York Motor Show introduction and the company has promised that they will deliver more performance and style to the new ride.


The journey of 2018 Dodge Challenger isn’t something short – in fact, it is quite long, hard, and complicated. The company hasn’t mentioned the details of some of the promising aspects, such as the power, but it is a guarantee that the new Demon will be mouthwatering. The company promises that the Demon will be the new standard of speed and power – and it will raise the basic standard, for sure. When compared to the Hellcat with its 707 hp of power, the Demon will have a higher number than that. Thanks to the all wheel driving system from the Challenger GT with its high performance system and the possibility of V8 engine inclusion, the ride will definitely have something to offer. Automatic transmission is likely available too, with either manual or paddles.


Besides the new style, the car will also come with promising feature, such as TransBrake. It will lock the output transmission so the Demon will stay stable and stationary. This technology is believed to improve safety of the ride where you can drive comfortably and safely without having to worry that your car may speed over with no stopping or whatsoever. The company believes that this feature is needed by the new 2018 Dodge Challenger, enhancing the possibility of appeal as well enhanced power and stability.

The TransBrake is only one feature that will improve the ability and performance of the ride. Be sure to expect more enjoyment and easiness as you drive along the road – whether in its smooth or bumpy condition. Dodge believes that this muscle car will be the best and ideal car that most auto enthusiasts have been dreaming of. And with the combination of good style, better aerodynamic, improved performance, and better materials, you can be sure that the new Demon will definitely be promising.


One of the biggest reasons why the new Demon will have an improved performance is because of the design and the smart arrangement of everything – starting from the biggest cold air intake with the unique hood. Not to mention that the new Challenger will have a new body kit that helps aerodynamic and balance, covering front bumper splitter bottom, the trunk lid discreet spoiler, and others.

For the interior cabin, you can expect the new Uconnect system where you can enjoy the connectivity, navigation, and entertainment elements all together. If you want to enjoy the Performance Pages, you can actually see how much engine torque or horsepower being produced by the car. Don’t you think the new 2018 Dodge Challenger is promising?

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