2018 Dodge RAM: The Expected Transformation


So, what can you expect from the new 2018 Dodge RAM? Well, there are some plans for the upcoming production. For a starter, the light duty RAM pickup current version will be built into the 2019 model although Fiat Chrysler has launched a redesigned 1500 RAM for the early 2018. The company is planning to add the low cost fleet business for those interested in the technologies and features. With such busy productions, it is hoped that dealerships won’t run off supplies of the hot sales stuff.


The company believes that the pickup truck segments will always be flooded with demands from interested customers and buyers. And to meet the demands on the Canadian and also American volume, the company has decided to come with smart outcome and production – targeting different sources and targets to provide the needed item.

The current pickup lines will remain produced at their suburban factories in Detroit and Saltillo, Mexico, up to 2019. It is expected that those factories together can make 200,000 units in 2018 alone and additional 65,000 units in 2019 before they finally make others. They have their own plans for the upcoming new 2018 Dodge RAM model and production.


The strategy to produce the 1500 after the replacement vehicle’s launch has been done by the FCA with the Chrysler 2017 Pacifica when they keep on making the Grand Caravan. The cheaper Grand Caravan was used for the fleet sales – offered as the low cost production and alternative to the more expensive Pacifica. It is highly likely the same scenario that will be done for the new 2018 Dodge RAM.


Extensive retooling will begin from the Chrysler unibody 200 to the redesigned RAM 1500 body on frame. It is expected that RAM will remain using the steel body panels and not switch to the aluminum – like what happened to F-150. The steel body panels will allow RAM to incorporate complex design and shapes, including the styling lines from the front side to the back in order to create a more muscular design.

Some of the styles will remain, such as the chrome mammoth grille, the raised accentuated hood, and the headlights although there will be some changes included in the change. The headlights will reduce in size while the chrome grille will be a bit different. The headlights will also build into grille construction, giving a toughened front side fascia with squinty look. It is highly possible that the new 2018 Dodge RAM will come with bigger air intake.


Tweaks on e engine are also expected with the V6 Pentastar engine of 3.6 liter capacity will get optional turbocharged and direct injection system. The company also claimed that they are planning to include the fuel saving technology in the future lines of the pickup trucks. Details on the arrangements haven’t been concluded just yet but you can be sure that the new 2018 Dodge RAM will be coming with the right ability and performance.