2018 Ford Expedition: The Sophisticated Future Truck


What’s the new 2018 Ford Expedition ready to bring for today’s competition? Well, a lot, really. It seems that Ford has never been tired of setting a new platform and performance within the last 20 years. When they revolutionized the auto industry by coming up with the high-quality, functional, and stylish SUV, they totally changed everything. The family ride is no longer a boring vehicle; it can do serious business with a little effort. And for the 2018 release, they are ready to bring new innovations and updates to the platform – raising the standards even more.


Ford seems to be busy these past few years. After they released the sophisticated military-grade standard F150 in 2015, they are ready to come again with aluminum construction for the Expedition. Ford has been planning to make the product after 2017, with the combination of EcoBoost engine and aluminum construction. As the result, the lighter 2018 Ford Expedition should come with more power, more speed, easy handle, and more fuel economy system.

Exterior Design

One of the major changes will be happening on the chassis where super strong steel will be used in the construction – allowing more tow power to generate. The body will share similar platform as the F150 with the aluminum construction. The new 2018 Ford Expedition should be coming with less weight up to 500 kilos. The traditional profile will remain intact but there are some minor changes happening to the construction. The front fascia, for a starter, will be more aggressive with redesigned front side bumper, chromed grille, and also modern headlights. There should be bigger wheels with 22 inch arrangement to make it more solid.

Interior Cabin

The interior cabin from F-150 will be the inspiration for the inside area of Expedition. Expect new features like myFord Touch technology and Sync3 infotainment technology, along with better navigation system, an LCD on the center panel, Smartphone integration, and so much more. Seats will be arranged in three row management so it can accommodate 8 passengers comfortably.


This truck will be coming with V6 EcoBoost  3.5 liter engine delivering 325 hp of power but can increased to 411 hp, along with auto six speed transmission and all wheels or front wheel driving system. It should have 16 mpg for the city and 22 mpg for the highway. It is also possible to expect EcoBoost 2.7 liter engine delivering 325 hp of power for the 2018 Ford Expedition.

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