2018 Ford F150: The Improved Performance


The F150 has always been known as the powerful and mighty truck but there are more promising updates and upgrades for the new 2018 Ford F150. Ford promises that they are going upgrade all the engine variants, along with the availability of the diesel (light duty) engine. There is nothing much to tell, really, considering that they are in the production process – and their prototype is still heavily cloaked.


If you look at the image, it is likely that the new redesigned grille has become the major focus of attention. It seems that it is the thing that most people notice about the new design. It is highly likely that the new ride will be coming with two bar grille design, stretching from side to side to give a wider look. Chrome latticework may be included with some open layout strategy. The grille seems to be the major focus that will make the new one and the previous models different. And the company seems to be quite successful in pulling it off.

2018 F150 Engine Arrangement

Ford claims that the new 2018 Ford F150 should be coming with a better tow ratings – even the best when compared to the previous ones. The previous model used the 2.7 EcoBoost system with 26 mpg for the highway. The new one, however, will be coming with diesel engine – which is considered worthy to compete against Ram 1500, which is able to deliver 240 hp of power and produce maximum power with fuel efficiency number reaching 29 mpg for the highway.

The base model will be coming with the V6 direct injection 3.3 liter engine that will be paired with auto six speed system. In the next line, there will be improvement on the V6 EcoBoost 2.7 liter engine covering the fuel economy system and the power. When it is paired with the auto 10 speed transmission, you should expect better performance.

2018 F150 Features

Besides the design and the engine, expect the new 2018 Ford F150 to come with new features and technologies. The already existing adaptive cruise control will be updated, turning the system to the stop and go model. It means that your truck can go to a full stop completely and then start again from the last stop. There is also improved safety feature like pre collision assist technology with the pedestrian detection, 4G connectivity, and improved sound system. Do you believe that the new 2018 Ford F150 will be coming with a better performance and style?