2018 Ford Fusion: The New Look with Old Taste


There have been some changes for the new 2018 Ford Fusion.  Funny thing is, the new ride will be looking and feeling new, thanks to the updates Ford had made several months before – resulting in a car that looks new but really is not. The new 2018 model was actually the repetition of the one released in 2012 with outer appearance like the Mondeo. With competitors like Mazda 6 or new Malibu, this idea isn’t bad after all. But thanks to the new engine and platform, the new Fusion will be looking like a refreshed new ride.


If you take a look at the rendering image, this new 2018 Ford Fusion looks somewhat futuristic and stylish. It seems that Ford will be making a pretty drastic makeover although it is not sure why the company would do such thing. The ride will be coming with a new and refreshed modular front wheel platform with materials from high strength steel, aluminum, and composites – but only in limited areas. For the rear end, there should be more rigidity up to 50% with reduced weight. The design won’t be so bulky with a touch of coupe look.

Interior Cabin

Ford is trying to upgrade the interior cabin without compromising the space that is considered good enough. Rumor has it that it is possible that the new Fusion will have a slight touch from Ford GT but there is no confirmation about it. In fact, expect the new 2018 Ford Fusion to have similar cabin like the upcoming Fiesta. Even with the lower and sloping roof, the space will be as comfy and roomy as before. High quality materials with added features should be expected from this model.


Ford has seen that the current Ford is pretty good for the configuration so it is highly likely that they won’t be changing much of it. But one thing for sure, Ford will improve the fuel economy system so it is possible that they will be coming with turbocharged. The 1.5 liter engine should be used for the base configuration, delivering 170 hp of power. For the 2.0 liter unit, it is possible that the output will be 270 hp of power. The automatic six speed transmission will be replaced by the new 9 speed type. The top end line of 2018 Ford Fusion will be getting the V6 twin turbocharged 2.7 liter engine that is delivering the same power but with improved fuel economy system.