2018 Ford Ranger: The New Appearance after the Absence


Ranger is basically a classic truck from the 80s but expect a touch of modernity with the new 2018 Ford Ranger. It was too bad that the company decided to remove the line from their production in 2012 because of some problems. But rumor has it that the model is back again on the game so you should be expecting the 2018 model to be available right away.


The new 2018 Ford Ranger seems to be produced to meet the market’s demand of a good and handy truck without having to deal with the size. So far, Canyon and Colorado have been proven to be good examples of handy truck in American auto market although they are quite big. Ford has seen the opportunity to penetrate the market with something as functional as the two but with slimmer design. And that’s why they are coming with the new Ranger which is planned to sell at the price of $25,000 and less.

Because the Ranger is made to satisfy the demands of the American auto market, Ford will have a custom design for it so don’t expect the new Ranger to come with the international design standard. In the interior cabin, for instance, this Ranger will have a minor change, probably inspired by the F-150 and Bronco, and also combined with the classic and modern atmosphere. It is predicted that the exterior design will also experience changes to be more aggressive although the details haven’t been released.

Interior Cabin

Not only Ford is going to focus on some of the improvement, they will also come with more features and technologies to support the functionality. Ford expects the interior cabin of 2018 Ford Ranger to have a premium feel – somehow more luxurious and exclusive than the other competitors. The space inside the cabin will be bigger and roomy, able to accommodate people and cargo. But it is possible that the materials used in the design may not be as premium as expected.


This truck will be coming with inline 5 turbocharged 3.2 liter engine delivering 185 hp of power – possible improved to reach 200 hp. The base model may be coming with petrol turbocharged engine delivering 250 hp of power. The third option may include a V6 engine. It is possible that the third 2018 Ford Ranger model will be coming with V6 engine delivering 300 hp of power.