2018 Genesis Coupe: A Promising Future


Rumor has it that the new 2018 Genesis Coupe will be made available from the company. Although there hasn’t been any official release from Hyundai, it is most likely that the company will be coming with the new variant. And you can expect the new model to deliver the same aesthetic appeal as well as powerful performance.


The Genesis has been created from the start to be the exclusive and luxurious brand from the Korean auto manufacturer. They have released the G90 full size sedan as well as producing the luxurious G80 along the line. For future reference, it is possible that they are going to release the sedan variant, the G70. But their battle within the small sedan line with the new 2018 Genesis Coupe has just begun.

Existence and Production

As it was mentioned before, Hyundai hasn’t made any official release about the upcoming 2018 Genesis Coupe but rumors have been flying around this topic, mostly talking about the future of the coupe when it is released.

Exterior Design

If you have taken a look at the current design of the Genesis, you will see an elegant and super exclusive styling. Well, if they are going to release the coupe, you can expect a more elegant styling and look – you can imagine how it will be. The new coupe is said to have an element of sportiness, along with the elegant lines and curves.

The design of the new 2018 Genesis Coupe will be based on the current platform but with bigger dimension to increase support and comfort. The details on the exterior design haven’t been mentioned because the company is still hiding them.

Interior Cabin

As for the interior cabin, you can expect a plush and lush luxury inside, with all the right features and equipment. Infotainment system will certainly increase and so are the safety features. Accents, trims, and upholstery will be improved although not much from the original design because the current model already comes with the top notch performance and quality.


It is rumored that the new coupe will be coming with V6 engine with 3.3 liter capacity that is delivering 278 hp of power, claimed to deliver aggressive handle and outcome. There is a possibility that an additional optional machine will be included, such as the V8 engine with 5.0 liter capacity that is delivering 420 hp of power. If these powertrains are paired up with the automatic eight speed transmission, you can expect a boost of power as well as fuel efficiency for the vehicle.

However, you can’t really expect the coupe to be available soon enough as it is predicted that the new coupe will take 2 years production and planning, if it is ever made. So, there is certainly nothing new to share to the world but be ready to hear the updates for the new coupe. Hopefully, being a part of the Genesis family, the new 2018 Genesis Coupe will be as good as promised – even better, if it is possible.

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