2018 GT500: Revealing the Uncertainty


The auto world has been busy these past few days (if not weeks) about the upcoming release of 2018 GT500. Rumors and predictions have been flying here and there about the existence of the ride. Considering that it is claimed to be the next super ride with super awesome powertrain, it is only logical if everyone is making such a big fuss about it.


The GT500 has been making a big fuss in the industry, and everyone expects it to come with its brother, the GT350 and GT350R. Ford Performance has been working super hard for the GT500, especially working on the power output as well as the overall styling. They are developing the direct injection system for this one, designed to achieve the 700+ hp output. Is it possible that the GT500 will be coming with EcoBoost 5.0? And considering that Ford has been testing the twin turbo 5.0 just recently, it is only logical to expect the same good thing designed for the upcoming 2018 GT500.


There will be different arrangements for the power, especially from the GT350 families. Since the GT350 lines are designed for racing or track usage, the GT500 is designed more as a ride for the freeway usage. Right now, Ford doesn’t want to reveal further information about their progress but it is a sure thing that they are putting their best efforts for it. And it is definitely a sure thing that they won’t be using the 5.2 liter engine which is used in the GT350. Will the GT500 be coming with V8 engine? Rumor says that it is possible but then again, you can’t really be sure about it.

Besides the power arrangement, the new 2018 GT500 should be coming with weight reduction. Considering that Ford has invested their money in a lot of aluminum materials, it is only logical to expect the company to come with such a new construction. They have done the weight reduction in GT350 and GT350R thanks to the carbon fiber wheels, the carbon forged steel, and also aluminum fenders. Is it possible to expect the same thing for the new GT500? Let’s hope for the best, shall we?

Price and Release Date

Since everything is still not confirmed, it is pretty hard to see whether the ride will be coming with all the important features. No exact pricing tag has been confirmed but it is highly likely that the new 2018 GT500 will be ready by the end of 2017 so we should wait and see.