2018 Honda CRV and the New Updates


There has been a lot of things going on around the release of 2018 Honda CRV. For an instance, the company as decided that they are going to release the new vehicle in the middle of 2017 but it turns out that they had a change of heart by releasing it in November 2016 – earlier than expected and planned. Besides the earlier release date, there are also other upgrades and developments that you can expect from the auto manufacturer.


Designs and models will also be different from the previous lines. Thanks to the modular platform, also used in Civic, there is an improved function and style. For the new 2018 Honda CRV, the overall structure and design will be bigger and yet lighter. In an overall construction, it will have 1.6 inches wheelbase – longer than the previous model. The car will be wider 1.4 inch, taller 1.8 inch, and longer 1.2 inch. Because of the new construction, the new CRV will look like the SUV with lighter arrangement. The volume of the cabin is reduced and so is the overall construction of the vehicle. It is expected that the new ride will have an improved functionality and also comfort.

Exterior Design

Honda does an interesting thing with this line. Despite the increased height, they keep the gravity center low; not to mention that they are also using a stiffer platform. Honda has done their best to keep the price tag closer to the previous model despite the increased comfort and also easiness in the control. It is set at around $25,000 for the base model while the top of the line is sold at around $35,000.

Interior Cabin

Honda has done their best to change the interior setting and their good work shows. You can tell the drastic changes happening inside. Besides the new materials being used, the new features are also improved and added. The appearance of the dashboard may be similar to the previous design but the new 2018 Honda CRV comes with a better center console, including the improved 7-inch display screen for the infotainment system.


The new ride will be coming with the inline 4 naturally inspired 2.4 liter engine, delivering 184 hp of power. The overall output is great when it is paired up with the gearbox standard CVT transmission. Besides this arrangement, Honda also adds the turbocharged 1.5 liter engine delivering 190 hp of power.  Sounds like a good improvement for the 2018 Honda CRV.

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