2018 Hyundai Genesis: An Interesting Production Plan


You will probably like the updates happening to new 2018 Hyundai Genesis with the company changes the facial look as well as adding a new trim to the line. For the new model, improved performance will be added, as well as the sporty twin turbo trim. With such an improvement, the company believes that they are making a worthy development that will appeal to auto enthusiasts.


The changes to the Genesis luxury line are happening – and Hyundai has been busy all these years. They have released the two models, the full size G90 sedan and the G80. The G80 alone has been changed completely with new badge. The transition happened in 2016 model when they are making the 2017 model at that time. Besides the overall changes, they also include newer safety features and an increase price along the way. It is not really surprising, really, to see the G80 added with the Sport trim.


In reality, Hyundai doesn’t have to work super hard to change the 2018. After all, the G80 has been known as this competent and luxurious line with the right performance and quality design. But Hyundai still thinks that they need to have a slight cosmetic touch up to the line, despite the slight addition. Although they have only made a slight change on the 2018 Hyundai Genesis, you can tell the difference, especially when you compare it  to the 2017 model.

In the overall sense, the new 2018 Hyundai Genesis comes with reshaped front bumper (no matter how subtle it is) with lower valance and intake. The grille and the back bumper are also redesigned. For the entry G80 model, you can expect a new 18 inch wheels. Mechanical area doesn’t seem to experience such drastic change.

Interior Cabin

There is also a change on the interior cabin although it is very slight. You can see the addition on a tiny badge on the timepiece. The new 2018 Hyundai Genesis also comes with the new instrument cluster as well as the shift knob with the T-shape model. For the interior cabin, Hyundai claims that they have improved the vibration, make the interior noise better, and also reduce the harshness level. If you know that the previous G80 has been excellent and perfect, this new one will come with an improved feature too.


For the engine area, the ride is coming with V8 engine with 5.0 liter capacity, delivering 420 hp of power. There is also the V6 engine that is able to deliver 365 hp of power. But the new Sport trim is coming with the V8 engine with 3.8 liter capacity that is delivering 311 hp of power. The latter is lighter but it punches the same performance and power as the heavier counterpart.

Features and technologies will be made better in the new Genesis. You can choose between the Red Sevilla or the Ice Polar, as well as the Black Caspian, White Casablanca, and also Gray Himalayan. So, which color for the new 2018 Hyundai Genesis that you will choose?