2018 Jaguar F Type: The Newest Creation


There is an update about the new 2018 Jaguar F type, which is made to look almost similar to the new Porsche. The British manufacturer has updated their sport car line to create a new model and design, including new technologies that should be available right on the first quarter within 2017.


As it was mentioned before, the new 2018 Jaguar F type will be coming in the sporty model type with improved features, technologies, and also performance. This new model will be coming in the new trim, the R-Dynamic F type model, designed to be between the S and also R models. This will be a new addition to the existing range, after they have added the 400 sport type with one year only arrangement that will sit in below the R models, and yet still above the R-Dynamic type.

These two models are updated to the variants for further future, designed to compete against the 911 Porsche type. Because the company seems pretty sure about this upcoming design, you can be positive that the new F type should be promising and reliable in the overall performance.


For the engine section, the new 2018 Jaguar F type will be coming with V6 supercharged engine with 3.0 liter capacity in two different output, the 250 kW with 450 Nm torque and the 280 kW with 460 Nm torque power.


For this R-Dynamic F type alone, there will be a convertible and coupe – both are paired with rear wheel driving system and manual six speed or automatic eight speed transmission. If you take a look at the design, both of the coupe and convertible have the elongated front with shorter end at the back, which is pretty appealing and unique in an overall construction.

For the exterior design, the ride will be coming with black gloss finish on the side sills, bonnet vents, rear diffuser, front splitter, and also bumper’s aperture to improve elegance. It is designed that way to create a different effect of R-Dynamic range from the other trims, including the inclusion of the allow wheels with their 19 inches and 20 inches measurement.

Expect the new line to deliver just the same powerful performance that has been associated with Jaguar and their production. Upcoming price and release date will be available soon enough so stay tune for the updates for the 2018 Jaguar F type line.