2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee: The New Trackhawk Production


Different kinds of rumors have been flying around concerning the new production of 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee. A few moments ago, the new ride has been going the testing stage and it wasn’t known whether the new line would be the new regular Cherokee, the new Trackhawk variant, or the SRT version. Some of the images have been available and leaked, especially the one with Hellcat engine. And it was just confirmed that the new 2018 model would be the Trackhawk with its new development.


For this new 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, there have been some adjustments and tweaks for the arrangement. For instance, the V8 supercharger 6.2 liter engine will be positioned above, almost similar to the arrangement of Charger and Challenger. Because it will be coming with the Hellcat engine, you can expect a boost of 707 hp of power, just the same as the Hellcat variant.

Exterior Changes

Jeep has released some rendering images of what should be the new Trackhawk but in reality, the real exterior designs are slightly different. For example, the new fascia is coming with a more aggressive look or the fog lights aren’t available on the designs although they were placed close to the grille, around the lower area. Besides the 707 hp output, some of the details in the exterior are the ones that will make the entire construction different.

Overall Design

You can be sure that the new 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be coming with a sturdier and more solid ground but with lighter construction, thanks to the new technologies and also materials. Not only the new Cherokee will be more muscular, stunning, and sharper, it will also come with a better performance and handle.

Price and Release Date

Rumor had it that the new Cherokee should be introduced during NAIAS 2017 event but it seems that it was only a rumor. The latest source claims that this Cherokee will be introduced to the public in 2017 but in the third quarter. The Trackhawk will be introduced first, followed by the regular Cherokee model (with its various trims). For the base line, it will start selling from $31,000 while the higher trim will cost $75,000. It means that the Trackhawk will be sold at more than $70.000. If you want to see the promising performance of 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, you should wait for further update.