2018 Land Rover Defender: The Expected Improvements


Although there have been rumors flying around for the release of 2018 Land Rover Defender, it is confirmed that they will have a new free range utility vehicle with the all new next generation setup. There will be an improved body configuration which includes wagons, pickup trucks, and also convertible. It is high time that Defender is having an improved project, considering that it hasn’t been drastically redesigned for more than three decades – you can imagine that.


Yes, the current Defender has more than enough power and ability – and it is definitely able to handle any rough terrain and course. However, considering that the ride hasn’t undergone any major changes within the last 30 years, it is expected that some changes will be able to improve and refresh the style. If the company is able to combine the long known power and abilities with the new refreshing and stylish design, they should be able to produce a promising offroad vehicle. Of course, tweaking with the new project won’t be easy. If they are going to change the boxy cardboard style of this 2018 Land Rover Defender, they should do it seriously and with careful planning. After all, they are planning to sell around 100,000 units on the global platform on the yearly basis.

Engine and Performance

Although the Defender has been known for its good performance and quality driving, it has one major flaw: the weight. Well, the improvement on the new Defender is expected to fix it. That’s why the company chooses lightweight materials like aluminum that won’t only reduce the weight but strengthen the framework and chassis. It is expected that the new Defender will be lighter and yet stronger and more powerful. The weight reduction is also expected to improve the fuel efficiency system as well as improving handling and performance.

The new 2018 Land Rover Defender is said to come with V8 supercharged 5.0 liter engine with optional V6 3.0 liter engine, delivering 380 hp of power. The latter one is said to be less powerful than the previous one – but still, you can expect both engines to deliver promising result.


The new Defender is said to have a fun and unique design with the signature boxy style with the buggy style look. Expect round and big headlights on the front with slim grille with no air intake. Of course, you can also expect an improved feature and comfort for the interior cabin of 2018 Land Rover Defender.