2018 Land Rover Defender: The Stylish Updates after Decades


There have been fuss and rumors about the upcoming 2018 Land Rover Defender, mostly about the so-called redesign and refreshing updates. The Defender has always been the iconic styles of Land Rover with its signature elements: class, toughness, and durability. And with the new updates, not only the Defender will be more solid and stronger, it will also be more appealing to the eyes – a truly sight for the sore eyes.


It is pretty surprising, though, to see that the Defender is finally coming with a refreshed state. After all, it hasn’t gotten any drastic updates and redesign within 30 years so it is a bit surprising to see that it is about to change now. If you are taking a look at the rendering image, you will see that the new 2018 Land Rover Defender will retain the classic shape and construction but with more updates and changes on the details.

The company claims that even the current vehicle is still powerful enough to deal with the rough terrain but the new model is expected to have the refreshing styles as well as a better performance, especially in the offroad sector. That’s why Land Rover is pretty ambitious about this project, removing the old cardboard model and plan out to sell around 100,000 units globally on a yearly basis.


Although the current Defender is still more than enough (in terms of performance, ability, and power), it still has one major flaw: the weight. The current Defender is already coming with steel framework and chassis paired up with aluminum body but still…the combination of material is pretty heavy and those extra weights are definitely unnecessary.

With the new platform, not only the new 2018 Land Rover Defender will be coming with sleeker and lighter construction, it can improve the fuel consumption and also handle. After all, the design of the new Defender is super attractive and somewhat cute, and it would be a shame if it is not accompanied by an improved performance and feature.


It is predicted that the new Defender will be using the V8 supercharged 5.0 liter engine with unknown power and torque. Another option is to use the V6 3.0 liter engine delivering 380 hp of power.

The new Defender should be available by the end of 2017, most likely. The starting price for this new 2018 Land Rover Defender is around $55,000.

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