2018 Land Rover Discovery and Current Updates


There are definitely differences and updates for the new 2018 Land Rover Discovery. Introduced during Paris Auto Show, the company revealed the new concept. After 27 years in the production, the Discovery has become one of the major leaders in the offroad sectors but they are going to change it. But instead of following the design of Rubicon, it is most likely that the new design will be more elegant and somewhat modern.


According to Gerry McGovern, the chief design of Land Rover, the vehicle has undergone a great transformation. They are trying to focus on delivering a more premium and exclusive ride instead of only focusing on the rugged offroad design and sturdy construction. According to McGovern, the transformation is important because people have wanted different things now.

The new 2018 Land Rover Discovery is looking new because the company is going to use the same structure as the Range Rover Sport with aluminum construction. The construction will include the air springs, rear multi link suspension, and also front wishbone. The overall model will be a big body aluminum sheel with steel subframe for the additional strength. It is also included to provide enough space for the interior cabin, especially for the third row. In American auto market, the Discovery will be offered to accommodate five people or seven people.


What about the signature boxy look? It seems that it will be go, replaced by a more modern look and appearance. However, the company doesn’t want to change the vehicle completely so they will keep the offroad ability. With the carefully planned ground clearance, departure angles, as well as the good entry point, the new Discovery won’t be disappointing. The performance and features will remain but with better construction, modern appearance, and also lighter weight.

Expect the new 2018 Land Rover Discovery to come with improved grille shutters, smoother bodyshell, impressive lines and curves, and also better suspension – which is impressively can automatically lower itself when speeding up.


It is said (or probably have been confirmed) that the new Discovery will be likely coming with V6 supercharged engine with 3.0 liter capacity that is delivering 340 hp of power. When paired with auto eight speed transmission, this vehicle is able to tow up to 8,200 pounds of additional weight.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation about the availability of the vehicle but it is predicted that it should start around the middle of 2017 with starting price around $51,000. Sounds like a good start for the new 2018 Land Rover Discovery?

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