2018 Lexus ES: What Is Changing?


The changes happening to 2018 Lexus ES will only complete the changes happening back then in 2016. As the result, you will see such a beautiful and elegant sedan with the new lines, curves, and aesthetic appeal. Naturally, you can always have higher and better expectations from Lexus and with the ES variant, everything will be improved to the highest level.


The company doesn’t seem to stop making changes and refreshed styling. After the changes they had done in 2016, they remain active and finalize everything with the changes happening in 2018. Although they seem to make updates and complete redesign work in 2016, they were only making a renewable project – and they had just starter. It is a smart idea and plan, really, when they are coming with some new and refreshing on every day basis. With such a plan, it seems that they remain active every year while in reality, they have their own plan and schedules for the upcoming production.

Redesigned Plan

Back then in 2016, the exterior design had been considered one of the major changes happening to the ride. With the straightened back fascia, new front design, headlights, new grille, taillights, and the rear fender. Will the company retain the same grille? It is not likely as they may make some slight tweaks for the new 2018 Lexus ES. The grille won’t be the only change happening to this ES as the headlights will also change. Expect a new front LED lights along the redesigned sidelights and bumpers. The sidelights may be designed and made with the L-established design.

Exterior Design

The changes on the exterior area are designed to improve aerodynamic feature as well as the sporty design. There will likely be new colors, including Black Graphite, Azure Serious, Brownish Copper, and White.

Interior Cabin

The changes are quite minor and subtle but you can expect changes for the cabin. Additional new material and cover will be used for the cabin, with newer infotainment system too. Comfort and better access to the console are the major focus for the new development so they should be improved. For the new 2018 Lexus ES, newer connectivity is also underway.

Price and Release Date

This new sedan will be running on V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity, delivering 268hp of power. The new ES should be ready around 2017, or at least by the end of 2017. The price of this 2018 Lexus ES should start from around $51,000.

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