2018 Lexus LS and the New Refreshing Project


If you are into Lexus and their variants, you would be thrilled to hear the updates of 2018 Lexus LS. After all, the LS sedan was the first vehicle type made by Lexus – changing the platform of environmentally friendly vehicle for the better. Now, the LS sedan has entered the fifth generation in the making and you can definitely expect the ride to deliver promising ability and feature.


According to some news, the new 2018 Lexus LS should be coming right away. After 28 years of the first launch of LS400, the fifth generation will be shown to the world. If you see the teaser image, you will spot some of the changes, such as the chassis and the front end designs. It seems that the LS will be using the GA-L (Global Architecture-Luxury) platform with its rear wheel driving system. The same platform had been used by the new LC coupe so you can imagine the new suspension.

On the exterior design, the grille may be similar as the company will keep the signature spindle design. But the hood and the headlights are similar to the LF-FC concept ride that was introduced during last year’s event. But if you see the teaser pictures, you have to admit that the new LS sedan looks promising and breathtaking.


For the basic concept and the mechanical area, the new 2018 Lexus LS will share suspension system with the LC. If the news is true, it means that the new sedan will be coming with multilink double ball joint design in the back and front. What about the rear subframe? It is pretty common that the area is coming with rubber isolated feature while the front side will be having a pretty solid mount without the isolation, designed to improve steering and control.


For this new sedan, it is possible that it will be coming with the V8 5.0 liter engine with gas electric for the hybrid combination as the optional. It is possible that they are going to use the same electric motor and V6 3.5 liter engine that has been used in their hybrid line, the LC500h. Such an engine arrangement will be paired with chassis upgrade, visual changes, and also optional all wheel driving system.

The company understands that the full size sedan may not be the most favorite design but such a thing is important for them, at least from the prestige and image. Hopefully, the new 2018 Lexus LS will be as good as promised.