2018 Lincoln Aviator: The Quiet Updates


What to expect from the new 2018 Lincoln Aviator? Rumor has it that the new one will be coming with the improved features as well as a completely different model. So far, the company hasn’t either confirmed or denied the rumor, which kind of leaving us hanging. However, there are some great insights, feedbacks, and opinions from those who are interested in the development of the vehicle, considering that Aviator has been around for more than a decade.


The Aviator was first launched in 2005 and the response was pretty good – but not good enough for the sales numbers – it was lower than expected. But if the rumor is true, there is going to be some serious work on the run. After all, with a decade of absence, you can be sure that Lincoln has to work extra hard to make the new 2018 Lincoln Aviator somewhat worthy of the purchase.

Price and Release Date

Although there hasn’t been any solid confirmation about the new 2018 Lincoln Aviator, it is expected and predicted that it should be ready around the end of 2017, with bigger probability of October or November, the latest. Since this new Aviator will be coming in the crossover/SUV segment, the company won’t be targeting a too high price – considering the tight competition. It is highly likely that the basic model will be sold at around $30,000 while the higher trims will be sold at around $50,000 – but then again, it is still a prediction.


The exterior design is probably going to be the biggest change happening to the vehicle. Expect drastic changes on the grille and headlamps, followed by the changes on the sides and back – no matter how subtle it is. After all, the headlamps and grille are the major parts that play significant role in any vehicle’s cosmetic procedure.

Interior Cabin

Besides the improved comfort and easiness, the new Aviator will be equipped with smart technologies and also features. There will be adaptive cruise control, USB, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay system, navigation, satellite radio, pre collision alert, and lane departure technology – as the minimum and standard features. The higher the trim, the more you can expect.


It is predicted that the new Aviator will be coming with EcoBoost four cylinder 2.3 liter engine and also EcoBoost V6 3.5 liter engine. It is also possible that they are going to pack the Ti-VCT 3.5 liter engine into the line, producing in between 200 bhp and 350 bhp of power. Sounds like a good plan for the 2018 Lincoln Aviator, right?

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