2018 Lincoln Continental: The Updates on Luxury Vehicle


The development of 2018 Lincoln Continental has been made to prove that the company is worthy to be on the line of luxury and exclusive auto lines. Lincoln is supposed to be the luxury brand from Ford, expected to make impressive lines of vehicles with amazing performance and also premium quality. Unfortunately, Lincoln is losing the war when they have to compete against Mercy, Caddy, Beemer, and Audi. But with the development of 2018 model, they may still have hopes.


It will definitely take times for the company to finally launch the new 2018 Lincoln Continental but it doesn’t mean that it would be impossible. After all, they want to compete against Audi A8 and 7 Series from BMW so they really have to come prepared. And for the 2018 model, they are going to focus on some of the important elements, including technologies, comfort, features, and also power. They want to make a new Continental which people find super attractive – and they want to spend more times in it.

Besides some of the updates on the interior and exterior, you should be able to see improvements on the power and performance. Comfort for the interior cabin will improve – expect the company to design separate leg pillows or adjustable seats. You can also expect multifunctional seats with additional massage and cooler ability in all seats – not just the front one.

Interior Cabin

Since comfort will improve for the cabin, you can expect the combination of wood, leather, and other fancy materials for the new 2018 Lincoln Continental. Comfort is definitely improving and you can also expect a better access to the features. Technologies will be better but not in the excessive way.

Release Date and Price

There hasn’t been any official confirmation about the release date or the sales price. It is predicted that the sales may start around $60,000 considering the company’s ambitious idea and plan. It is also predicted that the ride should be available in the middle of 2017 so you should wait for it. Rumor has it that it is possible that they are going to make Continental convertible but it is highly unlikely.


Again, there is no confirmation about the available powertrain but it is possible that the company will be using the twin turbo V6 gas engine with 2.7 liter capacity that is producing 400 bhp. With front wheel drive and auto six speed transmission, the 2018 Lincoln Continental should be smooth and promising.

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