2018 Lincoln Navigator Price, Review and Release date


It is pretty understandable if you want to know more about 2018 Lincoln Navigator price, considering that the vehicle has been designed and set as the luxury SUV. If you take a look at the basic concept and how long the vehicle has been in the industry, it is pretty obvious why it becomes everyone’s favorite.

The new Lincoln Navigator has been announced and introduced during New York Motor Show and has been designed as the next generation of the luxury (premium) SUV line. If you see the history and see how far the achievement is, the Navigator has been around for more than 10 years. But yet, the quality of the drive as well as the overall performance have not waned out. Of course, you should also consider the factor of the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator price but be sure that you will be making a worthy spending when you choose the Navigator.

You have to admit that the Navigator has been a good and reliable vehicle. Unfortunately, the design is pretty old school and the company has been planning on a replacement. They showed the concept ride several months before for the 2018 model. If you compare the new concept with the current one, you will see some updates and refreshments happening to the ride – especially on the important parts of the area.

The only problem that is going on now is not only about the 2018 Lincoln Navigator price but also the different production process. You can make the concept in one area but you can’t really expect the same thing to happen smoothly during the production. Lincoln said that they can’t really include all the features showcased on the concept ride but they will make sure that some of the features are included up to the production stage. It is likely that the design and the engine will be the same one showcased on the concept vehicle but other things may be different.

Lincoln is definitely not going to change the pricing factor so you can be prepared to pay at least $60,000 for the new Navigator. And with the company planning to release two different variants of the ride, you can expect the regular Navigator as well as the EL type. So far, the company hasn’ made any official announcement about the exact release date or the total 2018 Lincoln Navigator price so let’s hope we’ll get the info soon enough.