2018 Mazda CX7: The Good Looking SUV


Mazda is planning a new arrangement for the upcoming 2018 Mazda CX7. After all, after being ‘rested’ for several years, the company feels that it is quite important to bring the line into a new cycle of production. And everything knows that the CX7 is a good looking SUV but now with the improved look and the more promising better performance, will it be able to attract buyers?

The History

The CX7 wasn’t something new in the auto world as it was first launched in 2006. Mazda introduced the line during Los Angeles international Motor Show 2006 and released it as the 2007 model. It was a pretty hype creation, considering that Mazda hasn’t made any considerate and moderate SUV from 1994. Unfortunately, the company failed to offer something different or phenomenal. With medium size and small hybrid power and not-so-promising turbocharged ability, the sales numbers for the ride weren’t too promising. The CX7 was stopped in 2012, replaced by the CX5. Although the CX5 is the contrast of CX7, but still….it is considered better in any respect.


Mazda claims that the 2018 Mazda CX7 is better and more responsive than the previous production. With catchy exterior designs and improved comfort in the interior cabin, you can definitely expect a lot from it. The most visible changes happening on the outside with the redesigned grille with the flank and also the front bumper – not to mention that there will be new headlights and also guard. In the overall construction, the basic platform of the new CX7 has been changed and rebuilt, improving the classiness and elegance.

For the interior cabin, expect a spacious interior cabin with high quality materials and covers. Features and technologies will be included in the arrangement, with the 9.8 inch display screen and infotainment framework. Access to the center console is improved so not only you can enjoy the improved ambiance, you can also gain a better access to everything.


Engine arrangement will be a part of the 2018 Mazda CX7 changes. It is possible that they are going to use the AkyActive engine with turbocharged 2.5 liter capacity that is paired with the V6 motor, delivering a solid 250 hp of power.

Price and Release Date

Mazda hasn’t made any official confirmation or release about the new CX7 but it is predicted that the price tag will be less than $30,000. The release date for this 2018 Mazda CX7 is still unknown but you should expect it soon.

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