2018 Mercedes CLS: Welcoming the New Badge


What kind of improvements can you expect from the new 2018 Mercedes CLS? Well, for a starter, the ride has been spotted within some of the testing periods. It is also possible that it comes with CLE badge to state the E-Class underpinnings. It is also possible that it will start sales in the beginning of 2018 and compete against 6 Series BMW Gran Coupe. This is the reason why Mercy has been focusing so much on the development and the improvement of the ride, expecting it to deliver all the good stuffs.


Mercy has been planning to replace their CLS lines with the latest E-Class in the all new model products. The CLS four door coupe can possible wear the CLE badge – instead of the CLS badge – when it finally comes to UK in the coming 2018. Although there hasn’t been any official announcement from Mercy, considering that the new prototype is still undergoing test stage and still heavily cloaked – it is the possible logical planning that Mercy has decided to undergo.


Again, there hasn’t been any official confirmation and update about the new 2018 Mercedes CLS but it is pretty obvious from the overall design that there is something new about the car. It comes with a better and more elegant roofline with more aggressive but slimmer headlights. It is also possible that the company has decided to make the grille wider to accommodate the overall vehicle’s width with bigger air intake stretching from side to side, decorating the front bumper. For the back, Mercy decided to continue the half coupe and half saloon model that look just perfect when paired with the straight lifted brake lights, inspired from the latest and the newest E-Class coupe.

For the interior cabin, it is pretty obvious that they are taking cues from the E-Class range too. If it is true, then you can expect the super interior cabin with classy and elegant look. The sweeping and wide dashboard design with four air vents chrome should improve the elegance of the ride.


For this new 2018 Mercedes CLS, it is possible to use the six cylinder inline twin turbo engine that can be offered in hybrid system to improve fuel efficiency and also performance. If according to plan, this model will be introduced in the late 2017 and be available for sale in 2018 – the mid cylec will be the latest. It is expected that the price range for this 2018 Mercedes CLS will be around £50,000.

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