2018 Mercedes GLE and the Hybrid Option


Should you be waiting for the 2018 Mercedes GLE? Well, the overall condition for the ride is that it is still strong and powerful but is it truly worth waiting for? With the upcoming 2019 model with a completely redesigned feature, there is only little updates you can expect for the 2018 line. What are the alternatives you can have for the crossover, anyway?


Mercy has made some important upgrades back then in the 2016 with their M-Class model and they have decided that they are going to use the small scheme – different engine options and two body styles – for the 2018 model. However, it is rather problematic, really, considering that they are going to release the new 2019 style and yet they are going to do the same production for the 2018 model. The only thing they have been postponing is the turbodiesel engine with the conventional style.

But for the upcoming 2018 Mercedes GLE, they will even include the plug in hybrid option with 43 mpg combined performance. All of the GLE types will be coming with four doors arrangement, able to accommodate five adult people generously. Mercy is serious about this line because they know that they will be competing against Lexus RX and BMX X4. For the crossover, the standard body type will be GLE 350, 400, and also 550e and also the higher end AMG GLE 43, 63, and also 63S. The GLE types will be set to compete against X6 from BMW, especially the ones with sweeping roofline like the AMG GLE 43 coupe and 63S coupe. Sounds like a busy planning, huh?


Will the new 2018 Mercedes GLE be completely different from before? It is most likely not. For the interior cabin, an improved infotainment system should be expected. For the exterior side, a new color is highly likely. But since the redesigned project happening in 2016, the crossover has sit in a good spot and the company hasn’t seen the need for the improved styling – again. Well, at least not for the near future.


It is possible that some changes happen on the transmission but don’t expect too much. The GLE350, for instance, will be coming with V6 3.5 liter engine, delivering 302 hp of power. The GLE400 is coming with V6 twin turbo 3.0 liter engine, delivering 329 hp of power. The 2018 Mercedes GLE 500 will be coming with V6 twin turbo 3.0 liter engine paired with electric motor, delivering 436 hp of power.

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