2018 Mercedes GLE: The New Updates


It seems there have been some clear indications of the new 2018 Mercedes GLE. Although the ride is still in the testing stage and it isn’t exactly a true revelation of the new design, you can imagine how the overall outcome will be. After all, it is always exciting to follow the updates from Mercy, especially for their newest variant.

Updated News

So, what is happening to the new 2018 Mercedes GLE, after all? Well, first of all, the ride is going through the testing stage so you should expect it to be available soon enough. From several images and pictures, it seems that the interior cabin is inspired by the E-Class sporty new design with the digital arrangement. With such an improvement and (the expected) new features, it is possible that this one will be sold as the 2019 model with starting price around £50,000. Costly? Well, that’s the kind of price you should spend for a premium brand and quality, after all.

Mercy has claimed that the new 2018 Mercedes GLE will be coming with a completely upgraded cabin and also revised exterior design. Such a replacement will take place in 2019 so it is possible that the new GLE has been set for such a purpose. With Q7 Audi and X5 BMW as the main competitor, it is pretty understandable if Mercy has done this production process carefully.

Exterior Design

As it was mentioned before, the new GLE will be coming with a completely new look and design. For instance, the previous front bumper that was bulky and thick will be replaced with slimmer and simpler bumper. The headlights will be tweaked too, with the smaller dimension and less rounded shape.

Besides the appearance of the front area, the roofline will be dropped so there will be curvaceous shape that will compliment the raked steep rear windscreen. The rear style is inspired by the GLC’s design, complete with the doors and wings.

Interior Cabin

Inspired by the E-Class interior cabin, the interior of the GLE will have digital display with slimmer center console. But just because it is slimmer, it doesn’t mean that it will reduce the function and usage. The cabin will be more sophisticated and somewhat high tech – thanks to the smarter arrangement.

It is expected that the new GLE will be introduced during Frankfurt International Auto Show in September 2017 with sales following the early 2019. Ready to wait for the upcoming 2018 Mercedes GLE?

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