2018 Mercedes SL: The New Development for the Lines


If you are ready to welcome the summer and explore around with a stylish vehicle allowing you to enjoy the wind while driving, you should consider the 2018 Mercedes SL. After all, the company is developing a plan to develop the special edition of SL and SLC. As a part of their part, Mercy has been planning to release a trio of vehicles in special edition package. What are they? What can you expect from them?


Besides the new 2018 Mercedes SL, expect the SLC lines first. The RedArt edition, for a starter, will be tweaked for SLC300 with Grey Selenite Metallic paint and Red Gloss accents on some of the areas. The package will have the similar features and designs like the AMG SLC43 – the only difference is that the AMG SLC43 will have glossy painted 10 spokes black and red rim flanges while the SLC300 will have the polished 5 spoke alloy wheels. The cabin will also be the same but the SLC43 will be using black leather upholstery and red piping seats while SLC300 will have nappa leather upholstery with Silver Pearl leather insert.


As for the 2018 Mercedes SL, there will be Sl450 and 550 with either Blue Brilliant metallic or the Red Cardinal metallic. The packages will also come with front bumper chrome and forged wheels – 19 inch for the front and 20 inch for the back. Unlike the previous SLC type, the SL will have the luxury cabin – not the sporty one. The door panels and the seats will be using nappa design Black and Porcelain leather and the roof liner will be using Dinamica Porcelain microfiber. To improve the luxurious feel, the SL variant will pamper the passengers with the heat/cool seats with various power control system – even a massage functionality. If you want to take a closer look to the overall concept design of the SL, not only Mercy is planning a sophisticated vehicle, they also produce a safe vehicle too.

Besides the design, you can expect an improved features and technologies in the new SL lines. Safety features are most likely developed and improved, including Active Braking System, Blind Spot Monitoring system, Pre Safe Brake, and much more. Naturally, you can expect safety as well as good design for this new SL development. The new 2018 Mercedes SL should be available this summer – if everything goes as planned.

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