2018 Miata: The Cute Compact Sport Ride


What can you expect from the upcoming 2018 Miata? If you are looking for a stylish sport ride in a compact and small but stylish look and yet the ride won’t hurt your financial, this one is definitely the perfect option for you. When compared to the previous model, the new Miata is definitely going to experience a price increase but you can expect an improved features, performance, and quality as well. Not many vehicles with sporty design has been made – and then sold – at a very affordable price. But the Mazda MX-5 Miata is definitely different. Expect improvements on the body as well as power and performance.


The new 2018 Miata will be coming with convertible type and the hard top optional feature. Expect the body style to come with Retractable Fastback (RF), whose concept is fairly new from Mazda. It is unclear whether Mazda will be producing the regular Miata with the RF body concept but if they are going to make the RF type, the price will be $2000 higher than the regular model. There is no significant difference between the two, only the roof mechanism. The RF model will be coming with a more complicated and complex arrangement.

If you are looking at the image of Miata, you will see an elegant and artistic compact sport vehicle with all the right curves and lines. The front side will be the same, with the stylish line up to the back. The roof mechanism, on the other hand, is pretty different with its own unique folding mechanism. When it is up, the ride will have a fastback coupe model. But when it is down, it won’t completely fold down – a slight section will remain. With such a design, the car will look like a unique Targa-top and not like the regular convertible. So far, the design hasn’t been altered much so cargo space will remain.

Interior Cabin

Since the Miata is relatively new, there won’t be any change for the interior cabin of the new 2018 Miata. The design, after all, is playful, energetic, fun, and cheerful. But it is possible that Mazda may offer custom packages for the future reference so you can have your own personalized ride.


Considering its small and compact dimension, this one will be coming with inline four naturally aspirated petrol engine with 2.0 liter capacity. That’s the arrangement for American market. For the European market, the 2018 Miata will be coming with 1.5 liter capacity.

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