2018 Mini Countryman: The Big Mini


Have you ever heard about 2018 Mini Countryman joke? About the Mini that is actually big and more like it to be a Maxi? Well, it’s not as funny as it was first said but it does represent everyone’s thought and mind when they come to see the new design of the Countryman. Yes, it does come with a plug in model and yes, it is bigger than the standard Mini but all of the odd and unordinary designs are pretty good – in terms that they aren’t negative.

Unordinary Updates

If you see the design of the new 2018 Mini Countryman, you will see a ride with the signature style of a Mini and yet it is no longer a mini – the small and compact version. Set to be released and sold at around $23,000, this new Countryman is bigger, wider, and taller than the regular standard Mini – although it is still smaller than the other standard crossover.

Yes, the new Mini is no longer a mini but this second generation of Countryman does have some of its promising perks. With stretched wheelbase, resulting in longer and wider stance, you can expect a generous space for the cabin. And another cool addition is the hybrid system with its pug in manner – the first after the 2010 model in Mini E.


You can say that this 2018 Mini Countryman is by far the biggest one. It is a counter act to the name but it does do great things for passengers since they won’t feel being shoved into the back seat. With the addition of space, expect the headroom and legroom to experience bigger increase – especially in the comfort.

Besides affecting the overall space for passengers, the cargo area is getting a generous update. With the back seat being folded, enjoy 5.4 cubic feet space. After all, the configuration of 40/20/40 split, the interior cabin can be a very plush and comfy area for the idea. Although the new Countryman is big but surprisingly, it is very smooth with a very easy control and driving fun. Who says that bigger is always awkward?


The hybrid variant, Cooper SE Countryman, will be coming with three cylinder turbocharged engine with 1.5 liter capacity that is paired with lithium ion battery, delivering a total 221 hp of power. It can reach 60 mph within 6.8 seconds. Not too bad for the new 2018 Mini Countryman right?