2018 Nissan GTR: Some Development Going On


You must be thinking that the new 2018 Nissan GTR has such an appealing and attractive design. Well, it does! And although the line has been known for its sportier look and impressive styling, there will be a special edition for the new GTR. So, what to expect about the ride’s update?

The Limited Edition

Even before the New York international Auto Show, Nissan has already revealed their limited Track Edition for the GTR line. Known as the 2018 Nissan GTR Track Edition, the ride should be ready for the American auto market. It seems that they are confident enough about their production and they are ready for the reveal even before the big event.

For the Track Edition, it will join the Heritage 370Z Edition, in between the GTR Nismo and GTS Premium. For the Track Edition, a lot of Nismo components will be included there, such as the 20 inch wheels from alloy, the independent suspension and tuning, carbon fiber rear spoiler, and also leather Recaro sport seats.

Track Edition Engine

For this line, it will be using the V6 twin turbo engine with 3.8 liter capacity that is delivering 419 kW and 632 Nm of torque which is similar to the GTR Premium. Such a powerful engine is paired with dual clutch six speed paddle shifter transmission. Since the company hasn’t said anything about the performance figure, it is possible that the 2018 Nissan GTR Track Edition is able to reach 1000 kilometer per hour within 2.7 seconds and it has a top speed of 315 kilometer per hour.


While keeping themselves busy with the new GTR production (as well as others), Nissan still has the time to develop a stylish ride of the police force – with code name Copzilla. This police ride has a stylish black matte police lines with proper lights on the front grille and roof, gold stripes, LED scrolling light bar, and also police Skyline Metro badges on the door panels and bonnet. It is good looking? Of course it is.

Not to mention that it has an adjustable coilover suspension to deliver a better stance. For the Copzilla, the standard wheels for the GTR are replaced with the spikes steel 22 inch types. It still retains the same engine arrangement as the same GTR.

For the 2018 Nissan GTR Track Edition alone, it has been available in Australia with tag price around $227,000 with bare tag.