2018 RAM 1500: The Future Tweaks


RAM has almost reached a decade of existence so it is only logical if the company wants to tweak the style and performance of their new 2018 RAM 1500. You have to admit that the existing RAM may not be able to compete against the other production from Ford; that’s why they have planning to change. In fact, the new 2018 model is said to be completely new. So, what are the changes going to be?

The Starter Changes

The new 2018 RAM 1500 is said to come with better and lighter construction. But unlike the F-150 with the all aluminum body, the new 1500 may be coming with the combination of aluminum panels and steel cabin – as well as aluminum bed too. In the end, the ride will be more durable and bigger and yet not so heavy as before. What about the chassis? Ford hasn’t said anything about it but it is possible that a new chassis will be used to improve towing ability. Ford is planning to reduce 500 pounds from the current weight with improvement on the performance. Hopefully, all these changes won’t be making 1500 much pricier than the current price range.

Interior Cabin

Unlike the current design, the new 2018 RAM 1500 is said to come with improved materials that is focusing to improve comfort. If you want to know how the new cabin will be like, you should take a look at the minivan Pacifica – that’s the idea. All these years, the truck has been known for its infotainment system, the handy and responsive steering wheel, the great access to the features, and the ambiance. Well, you can expect them all to be enhanced. It is possible that the new 1500 will have the so-called Mega Cab style offering more room for passengers on the rear. Let’s hope that Ford will do it well.

Exterior Design

If you want to know how the new 2018 RAM 1500 will look like, you won’t know it because there hasn’t been any spoiler or image for the new style. Rumor has it that the new truck will have a better and more aggressive style, especially seen from the grille. With crosshair style that remains the same, the Charger-based headlights with the LED lights, and an improved aerodynamic front end, the 1500 may still retain the old-school look while changing it to the new style at the same time.


Rumor has it that V8 engine won’t be used for the new 1500 but I don’t think that Ford is ready to give up the powerful HEMI V8 5.7 liter engine. It is likely that they are going to use the same engine but with a tweaked outcome so there should be an improved power. The V6 engine with 3.6 liter will likely remain the same too but it may not come with the direct injection system.

All in all, we should wait for the further release about the new 2018 RAM 1500 that should be exciting and also promising.