2018 RAM 2500 and the Unknown Update


What can you expect from the upcoming 2018 RAM 2500? When talking about the brand, we are talking about the medium truck line that comes with the classic design of the RAM. Of course, this sector is designed and made as the alternative for the 1500 type, especially for the business sector. And for the upcoming 2018 model, the truck is expected to have some refreshed styling as well as some improvement on the performance and also power.


As it was mentioned before, this medium truck line will get a refreshed redesigned touch from Dodge so the new 2018 model will be more appealing than the others. Besides some of the upgrade changes, especially to the structure of the ride itself, it is expected that the new changes will strengthen the company’s name as one of the manufacturer to produce reliable and solid truck market.

Dodge has been planning to boost the performance of the 2500 so interested buyers can always have a wide option and variation for the truck variants they like. And when it comes to the new 2018 RAM 2500, the expected changes are believed to improve the performance and quality of the handle – including covering the comfort sector and also greater accessibility and functionality.

Exterior Design

If you look at the exterior design of the truck, you should be able to see a truck retaining some of the signature characteristic of Dodge – as well as some of the old-school lines. Of course, there will be new refreshing tweaks on the exterior area but it doesn’t mean that the overall structure will change. If you take a look at the new 2018 RAM 2500 design, you should be able to see of the characteristic of the ride and say ‘Oh, so this is the new version of the 2500 RAM…” Well, at least that’s what the company expects.

For the exterior side, the most obvious changes will likely happen on the grille and also headlights. Besides the redesigned elements, it is highly likely that the ride will get some of the distinctive lines and curves – although details about the changes haven’t yet to be discussed or released.

Interior Cabin

For the interior cabin, changes are likely to happen too, with improved materials, accessibility, and lines. For the new 2018 RAM 2500, higher grade of fabric and materials will be incorporated so the new 2500 will have a more exclusive and luxurious styling. Console center will improve and better convenience are expected from this update.


There hasn’t been any official update about the drivetrain of the new 2500. Yes, there will be changes and upgrades but which powertrain to use…everything remains unclear. Dodge seems to be secretive about the production of 2500, so we can only wait and see.