2018 Sonata and the Production in Motion


There has been a fuss in the auto world about the upcoming 2018 Sonata although the information about the vehicle is very limited and minimum. But from the rumors that are flying around the topic, it is highly likely that the company is planning on the production of the next Sonata, with focus on the styling and performance. So, what the new Sonata will be? And what can you expect from the new vehicle?


It is a sure thing that Hyundai has been a busy bee lately. With a recent release of the new luxury family, the Genesis, the company is also planning on the Elantra and now the Sonata. The Elantra GT has been shown and introduced during Chicago Motor Show 2017 and so far the acceptance has been positive. Not long after this, they will introduce the new redesigned Sonata which is claimed to come with a sportier look.


Earlier, the company has released some sketches of the rendering images of the new 2018 Sonata and from the look of it, they have made quite an impressive work. From the rendering image alone, you can see that the new Sonata won’t only be stylish and appealing but it will come with sleek and elegant shape. The images are available for the standard Sonata as well as the Turbo variant. For the American auto market, the Turbo will be introduced as the Sonata 2.0T sport.


It seems that the new 2018 Sonata design will incorporate the smaller Accent and Elantra that will be the base platform for the Sonata’s development. You can see the similar designs on the grille and lights although it is possible that they will be redesigned for the future reference. As for the exterior changes, there hasn’t been any detailed information about it but you can expect a higher features and design appeal from Hyundai’s portfolio all these years. The interior cabin will also get the same update treatments too although the company hasn’t mentioned any details about it.


It is unclear whether the new 2018 Sonata will receive mechanical updates or changes but from the looks of it, it is possible that they are coming with some plans. Considering that the new Sonata will be smaller, it is possible that the company will tweak the engine so they can reach an ultimate performance with swifter speed, better handle, and improved response. Rumor has it that Hyundai is thinking about having a new automatic eight speed transmission to replace the current six speed transmission. There is also news about Hyundai working  on a new inline four turbocharged engine with 2.0 liter capacity.

Price and Release Date

It is highly likely that the new Sonata will be introduced in Korean auto market toward the end of March 2017. It is also possible that the company will use the New York Motor Show 2017 event in April to introduce the new model. For the availability, it is strongly believed that the new 2018 Sonata should be available at the end of 2017.

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