2018 Supra: The Expected Changes


The line Supra has appealed a lot of interests in the past years so it is only logical if people become all ears when they hear about the upcoming 2018 Supra. Well, for the new ride, Toyota has developed their own plans and it is pretty interesting to see some of the insights.


Toyota wants to create something new; something that doesn’t bear the resemblance of Toyota’s name. They have been thinking about concept car, the FT-1, for the new Supra but it is considered too buff, bulky, and big. Toyota, however, has another alternative. They are working together with BMW and use the Beemer’s Z4 platform for the Supra. With codename Z5 platform, they will be sharing platforms and designs. It is said that the new 2018 Supra will be coming with a totally different design, more like Aston Martin or even Beemer.


Toyota seems to be pretty sure with the entirely different design now. But then again, they don’t seem to have taken the decision whether they are going with the FT-1 platform or the Z5 platform shared with the Beemer. But based on the concept 2018 Supra, some tweaks will happen on the door, rear side fender and the vent, and also the completely different front side. But Toyota makes sure that they only make a worthy production with promising outcome

Interior Cabin

Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation, it is predicted that the new cabin will be coming with simplified center console, improved interior, better access, and generous space. But then again, it is just a prediction as the company still has the freedom to make changes as they wish. Additional features, including safety measurement, will also take place although not much. It seems that Toyota may be tweaking the cabin just a little tiny wee bit, including the improved steering wheel and infotainment system. But then again, we don’t really know what’s inside the heads of Toyota’s team.


The wildest rumor is about the engine because Toyota has been all mysterious about it. According to rumors, it is possible that Toyota will be using the V10 engine but some auto enthusiasts say that it may not reach that high. But a sure thing is, the hybrid engine will be included in the top line, producing what to predicted 400 hp of power, with the combination of hybrid and V6 engine – probably. If everything goes as planned, the new 2018 Supra should be able to reach 60 mph in 6 seconds with top speed of 186 mph.