2018 Toyota 4Runner : The Old-school Design in New Construction


The 4Runner may look like an old school boxy vehicle but there will be something new and different for the 2018 Toyota 4Runner design. Some of the improvements include the evolutionary styles, better powertrain and more sophisticated option, and also addition of handy features. It is a sure thing that Toyota won’t change the old school rugged SUV as it will be part of the signature style.


For this new 2018 Toyota 4Runner type, this sixth generation of the ride will retain the unique construction, as the midsize SUV with traditional truck construction – and body-on-frame style. This style was quite a hit a decade ago, with Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Explorer, and Dodge Durango retaining the same construction and style. Later on, Pathfinder, Durango, and Explorer have been turned to crossovers, leaving the 4Runner alone.

Actually, 4Runner should be accompanied by Xterra (Nissan) which still has the old school body construction type. It is too bad that they stop producing te Xterra back then in 2016 so 4Runner is alone now. But, just because the construction and design are old school, it doesn’t mean that it will deliver cheesy quality and performance. The appearance is vintage and old school but you can be sure that there are new technologies in it. After all, a lot of people are in love with the classic vintage look so 4Runner still has a good chance.


It is highly possible that the V6 4.0 liter engine will be replaced with the V6 3.5 liter engine for the new 2018 Toyota 4Runner. The previous outcome was 270 hp of power and the newer outcome should have at least 278 hp of power. An auto six speed transmission will be available as the standard but there is always a possibility that an auto eight speed option is also available.

Release Date and Price

There hasn’t been any official release and confirmation about the release date but if everything goes as planned, the new 4Runner should be coming at the second quarter of 2017. For the price range, there will be different ranges, it seems. Despite the old school design, the price for 4Runner will be higher than the other crossover models. For instance, the 4Runner rear wheel drive SR5 will be likely start from $36,000 while the SR5 Premium will start from $38,000. For the TRD Offroad, price should start from around $39,000 while the TRD Offroad Premium will start from $41,000. Which of these 2018 Toyota 4Runner do you like the best?

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