2018 Toyota 4Runner: The Upcoming Updates


Will the new 2018 Toyota 4Runner be using the unibody design as rumor has it? The ride has been known as the crossover – the powerful one – with all the great combination. It has a buff look with strong engine and quite impressive offroad ability. If you are looking for a powerful hatchback, this is the one to choose. But considering that it has been going to more than 5 years without any important update, a change is viewed important. But will it go with the unibody design, finally?

Although there hasn’t been any update or official release from the company, such a thing isn’t likely to happen. Considering that there are certain loyal fan bases for the Prado platform as the current 4Runner, high chances that the changes may happen on the exterior, interior, and mechanical – not the overall platform. After all, the current chassis with its body on frame structure is considered enough so why risk it?

It is highly possible, though, that the 2018 Toyota 4Runner will be getting cosmetic updates. It is possible that aluminum will replace some of the steel parts while redesigning some of the areas along the line. Rumor has it that Toyota is developing a new structure for the 4Runner inspired from Highlander or RAV4 but that’s unlikely to happen either. It seems that the new development and  update will aim at creating a lighter structure, affecting the fuel efficiency system, the price (by reducing it), and satisfy customers altogether.

Considering that there will be some tweaks and updates for the new 2018 Toyota 4Runner, price will definitely change. As one of the best products in the line, the base trim will start from around $33,000 while the highest trim may go up to $43,000. Toyota feels that this price range is still logical but expect an increase up to $2000 when they include more changes or technologies. It is also possible that the price increase doesn’t happen now but it will be implemented on the near future production.

For the release date, there hasn’t been any official announcement about it. But expect the company to introduce the new ride by the end of 2017 and the official launch should happen somewhere in 2018 – preferably by the beginning of the year.

It is possible that the new 4Runner will be coming with V6 direct injection naturally aspirated engine with 3.5 liter capacity that is delivering 300 hp of power. For a seven passenger crossover, such an engine arrangement should be enough. But let’s wait and see for the further updates about 2018 Toyota 4Runner, shall we?

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