2018 Toyota Avalon: All the Right Updates


If you are looking for a reliable big sedan, you may want to consider having the new 2018 Toyota Avalon. After all, the Avalon has been known as a reliable sedan – one of the best and most popular vehicles in the market. With the upcoming of the 2018 model, it will be the fifth gen of the line with all the improved performance and features.


Considered as one of the flagship model from the company, Toyota Avalon has managed to gain a positive reputation on its own. Being released in February 1994, the sedan has managed to stay strong in the auto world’s competition and still be on the top lists of reliable sedan brand. For the new 2018 Toyota Avalon, there will be updated features as well as refreshed look and appearance. A lot of people say that the new ride will be carrying the words ‘sexy and sleek’ so you should expect the new ride to carry such an appealing promise.

Price and Release Date

Toyota hasn’t made any official confirmation and announcement about the new model; in fact, they have been awfully quiet about it. But sources say that the Avalon should be introduced by the late 2017 and should be available on dealerships around 2018. For the price tags, it is predicted that Avalon will be sold at around $33,000 for the base trim and it can reach to $37,000 for the higher trim. But then again, we should wait and see for the company’s official release.

2018 Avalon Design

There is a definite fairness that the new 2018 Toyota Avalon will be sexy and sleek with some of the cosmetic updates. The new ride will be shorter but wider when compared to the current model. For the overall appearance, not only the appearance will be more aggressive but it will be somewhat sportier too. The grille will experience changes, and so are the headlamps. There will be makeover attempt on the taillights too.

Some changes will be happening in the interior cabin but not much. One thing for sure, Toyota will upgrade their sound insulation system so the cabin will be super quiet and comfortable. Upgrades can also be expected from the features.


Toyota claims that they will still be using the same engine with the v6 3.5 liter engine that is producing 268 bhp. They think that the arrangement is still powerful and yet smooth, perfect for the new 2018 Toyota Avalon.