2018 Toyota Corolla: What Does Toyota Keep in Store?


The new 2018 Toyota Corolla is said to come with a futuristic feel, an improved update from the old school design. Toyota is a reliable and pretty good car with a very nice handle and control. However, Toyota hasn’t updated the line for quite a while, leaving it old school and funny to drive – funny means negative to drive. Sure, Corolla might have been the best option when it comes to an inexpensive ride with a lot of power but not so for now. The problem is, there are a lot of more comfortable and better affordable rides out there – making Corolla the last options for auto fans.

Updates and Plans

Because Toyota has started to see some of the unfavorable signs of people turning away from them and also the fact that sales are keep dropping and dropping, they decide that a new model with refreshed styling should be made. It was started as a rumor but it seems that Toyota now is also convinced about taking this step to improve themselves – and boost sales too.

For the upcoming 2018 Toyota Corolla, the ride may start as a concept car first – nearing the end of 2017. Production may follow soon but it should be enough to keep people wait and be curious about the new line. The base trim may start from around $18,000 with a new style and updated features. Toyota doesn’t have to do much – they just have to do SOMETHING about it if they don’t want their beloved Corolla to die and disappear.


It seems that there are going to be several new plans for the new ride. First of all, Toyota may only provide one type of version, unlike the current one with three options. Second, it is possible that they will use the modular platform that was used for Prius. Does it mean that Corolla will be lighter? Not necessarily.  The chassis will be rigid, alright, improving solid stance and balance for better security and safety.

The changes in the construction may make the new Toyota Corolla 2018 bigger without compromising the style. The wheelbase may have an additional inch, affecting the width and length. Toyota is sure that the new Corolla will be just good looking and stylish with good balance and solid ground clearance.

While the naturally aspirated engine will still be used, it is also possible that Toyota adds the turbocharged type for it. I guess we have to wait and see for the further updates of 2018 Toyota Corolla.