2018 Toyota Land Cruiser: The Next Updates


Land Cruiser is quite a popular ride in America so it is pretty logical if auto enthusiasts and fans getting the news that 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser will get some updates and changes. It is a due change, after all, considering that Land Cruise has been a decade old and it hasn’t got any redesigned project or whatsoever. So, what can you expect from this new line, after all?


One of the reasons why the Land Cruiser is liked is because of the nice blend and balance between power and elegance – and let’s not forget the sporty feel. Everything is designed as the proportion – not too much and not too little. And the good thing is that Toyota has been thinking about improving the fuel economy system – which is a needed feature if they want to stay afloat. Although the company hasn’t made any detailed explanation about the new 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser, they have confirmed that the new ride will have a better number – as well as the performance.


There won’t be any grandeur or extravagant work but you can expect slight updates and minor refreshments on the exterior area. Some of the offroad abilities will be made even more pronounced and enhanced without compromising the fashionable factor. For the new 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser, it will retain the classic and signature style with the boxy construction – which may not be appealing for everyone. Expect a sportier feel of the new Cruiser with the new grille and the modern front side fascia. The headlights and running daytime will be different – undergoing a redesign work. It is possible that the new Cruiser may be bigger from the current model but it is still unsure.

The not-so-many-changes may also happen on the interior cabin where there will be a good combo between technology and elegance. Leather covered seats will be the dominant option, along with wooden trims for the luxurious feel. Multi terrain system, a sliding moonroof, a keyless ignition, and more features will be included in the change. Expect Toyota to pack more technologies and advanced system into this ride.


Predictions have been made about the powertrain.  It is possible that it will be using an eight cylinder 5.7 liter engine with improved power but no better fuel economy system. Some predictions are still made about the type of engines used although Toyota hasn’t said anything about their upcoming 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser powertrain.