2018 Toyota Prius: The Future Environment Ride


Don’t expect too much or too grandeur changes happening for 2018 Toyota Prius. The company has done the complete redesigned work back then in 2016 so you can only expect them to do any minor changes or refreshing updates. After all, Prius has gained its positive flagship hybrid credibility and name so you don’t have to worry about the 2018 quality.


It has been confirmed that the new 2018 Toyota Prius will get some refreshing updates without involving any major or drastic changes. It is also confirmed that the car will still come in the liftback model, but it won’t hurt if Toyota can consider other formats or models – such as C subcompact or the V wagon design. It would be exciting if they can do it.


There won’t be much to expect from the 2018 model. After all, the features will remain the same, with the automatic LED headlights, the 15 inch wheels from alloy, daytime LED lights, keyless entry, heated mirrors, rearview camera, and also the 6.1 inch display with touschscreen system. Of course, you should expect more from this mode.

Toyota puts forward safety as their major priority, so the addition of Safety Sense technology with its load driver’s assistance features will be very much appreciated. With adaptive cruise control, auto emergency brake, or pedestrian detection technology as the standard features, you can only expect the best from the line. They have come so well with the 2017 model so it is only logical if you expect the same thing for the 2018 Toyota Prius.


It seems that Toyota has been really proud and confident with their engine arrangement in 2017 so it is most likely that they will come with the same thing. With four cylinder engine with its 1.8 liter capacity that is matched with electronic motors, delivering 121 hp of power, you are looking at the future environmentally friendly ride. It may not be the super fast race car but it has an impressive fuel economy system with combined 52 mpg. The electric motor is able to reach 22 miles alone.

Release Date and Price

Hopefully, the production can start around November which means that the release will likely happen at the beginning of 2018 – rumor has it that it will be around February 2018. Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation about the price, it is predicted that the starting price of 2018 Toyota Prius will start from around $30,000 which means that there will be a slight increase from the 2017 model.