2018 Toyota Prius: The Stability of the Hybrid Technology


Rumor has it that the hybrid sector is not so promising – well, at least for this year – but Toyota seems determined about their upcoming 2018 Toyota Prius that will be coming in two variants. The Prius has been known as the Liftback with the compact four door hatchback style and it is coming with two options of subcompact C hatchback and the midsize V wagon. They also have the plug in hybrid type for the LIftback, with code name Prius Prime. It seems that the company has so many optimistic and ambitious plans for the upcoming rides that it is pretty interesting to follow.

Upcoming Plans

Toyota has definitely set up a plan for their next generation of the V and C variant. With their upcoming TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) plan that will implement to most of the company’s future productions, they seem confident about it. The new TNGA platform will also apply for the midsize Camry type starting with the 2018 model.

And what about the Liftback itself? All these times, it has been known as one of the best hybrids ever made. However, with the low gas price that affects the sales numbers for hybrid vehicles, the sales aren’t really too good. But somehow, Toyota is still confident about their upcoming 2018 Toyota Prius.


Sure, having a hybrid will definitely do a lot of savings on your part, and the new C compact type from the 2018 Toyota Prius model will be the cheapest type of all. Despite the low price, you should expect a great performance from the C – not to mention that it also comes with an added perk. Better bodies, better aerodynamics, and mechanical improvements will be included in the new development. The C type has been introduced back then in January during Detroit’s North American International Auto Show.


With the new TNGA design, which means that the new C and V will get the modular design without compromising the strength, Toyota believes that their new lines will be promising and satisfying. In fact, the new design will be 65% stronger while affecting the appearance in the most significant way.

What about the engine? It seems that Toyota will combine the electric battery powered motor with four cylinder gas engine, being able to produce stronger outcome while preserving energy and fuel at the same time. Expect new details about 2018 Toyota Prius soon enough.