2018 Toyota Tundra Diesel: Will It Be?


Is it true that the upcoming 2018 Toyota Tundra diesel will be available and ready? With all the updated news about the release and the refreshed styles, there are so many different things to expect from the line. It would be cool if Toyota is considering a diesel line up for their Tundra or is it just a wishful thinking?

Aside from the rumored 2018 Toyota Tundra diesel possibility, it is a good thing to know that Tundra has come with a standard option, including the improved safety features that covers such thing as automatic high beam, lane departure alert, pedestrian detection, dynamic radar control, and so much more. On the exterior side, there will be different types of mesh grille finish, depending on the choice of the trim. Each trim will also get their own redesigned headlights despite of Toyota’s mid cycle refreshing plan. Besides all of those options, expect new 20 inch from silver and also hood scoop – to make the appearance fresher and better.

The problem with the current one is that it is still using the regular 4.6 liter as well as the 5.7 engines which are no longer efficient and have been considered out of date. If the rumor is true, the new Tundra may be coming with a turbocharged engine with 3.0 liter inline six option. If it is true, then the new Tundra should be able to produce 350 hp of power – fuel economy system is still unknown.

Besides it, it is possible that Toyota is considering the six cylinder twin turbocharged engine with 3.5 liter capacity. And the third option is about the 2018 Toyota Tundra diesel which will use either the Cummins 5.0 liter unit or the Hino based one. Although Toyota hasn’t made any official release, it is most likely that they will be coming with at least three different options. Hopefully, the Japan automaker will release their diesel option right away.

Toyota hasn’t made any official release about their upcoming Tundra but some predictions have been made. It is possible that the price won’t stray too far away from the tag price $30,000 with the highest trim level may reach $46,000. It is possible that we will see Tundra’s debut somewhere closing to 2017 with official launch happening somewhere in the early 2018. Who knows? Hopefully, by that time, there has been exact update about the new 2018 Toyota Tundra diesel confirmation.

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