2018 Yukon Denali: The Flagship Development


Although the overall changes and updates for the new GMC Yukon won’t be much, you can still expect changes for the new 2018 Yukon Denali. As the highest flagship trim in this line, any updates or changes are very much anticipated and waited upon. After all, Denali has been known for the great features and driving ability so it is only logical to expect all the good things from this line.


The company makes sure that their upcoming 2018 Yukon Denali will come with the best craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. The construction is based on the k2UG stage that is responsible for the GMT 900 setting option in 2013 model as the ultimate craftsmanship of the standard pickup creation. It is still coming with the signature boxy style with refreshed models and styles. All of these designs have made the new Denali powerful and artistic in the industry.


Although the changes won’t be grandeur or extreme, expect some refreshing styling on the exterior side. The bumper and grille will get some promising revision. The headlights will be coming with different graphics to increase the attractive appeal of the design. On the rear side, there will be redesigned taillamps and new bumper with improved exhaust pipes tweaks.

On the overall construction, the new 2018 Yukon Denali won’t be too much different but you can expect new colors for the SUV. It would be interesting to see some of the refreshed images and styles for the exterior area.

Interior Cabin

The same thing will also happen for the interior cabin where slight changes will take place – most likely the technologies and features o the ride. Besides the standard equipment, you can expect a new padding and an improved ambiance. The company seems confident enough with the current design, believing that it is already super comfy and exclusive. They believe that the current design is luxurious enough so they won’t need to add anything.


The new 2018 Yukon Denali will be coming with V8 engine with 6.2 liter capacity that is able to produce 420 hp of power with 460 Nm of torque. It has a unique characteristics of cylinder deactivation and direct fuel injection to minimize fuel consumption in order to boost efficiency. It is going to be paired up with all wheel driving system and automatic transmission.

Rumor has it that the company may have the optional V8 engine with 5.3 liter capacity as well as a new machine to deliver 355 hp of power. This new arrangement is believed to improved stability and accurate driving control – delivering superb driving quality with the new suspension.

Price and Release Date

With the improvements, expect a slight price range but it shouldn’t be too much. Release date hasn’t yet to be confirmed as we are still waiting for official announcement. For the base trim, the starting price sale should be $68,000 while the SLE is around $39,000. For the 2018 Yukon Denali SLT trim, expect it to be around $60,000.

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