2019 Honda Civic: Learning from Past Mistake


The previous expectation for the 2019 Honda Civic type R wasn’t as good as expected when it was finally released and launched. Somehow, there are different arrangements and outcome for different markets as the American and European variants are completely different, including for the power. So, what can you expect from this new type R variant, anyway?

2019 Honda Civic Previous Disappointment

It is a downside, really, with the type R made different from the European and the American. Somehow, Honda made a weird decision by making a better version for the European market and the downgrade type for the American market. The European type gets better torque and power, while the American type gets the ‘weaker’ type.

2019 Honda Civic
2019 Honda Civic

That’s why the rumor about Honda creating a new line of 2019 Honda Civic type R is very much welcomed. Rumor has it that the new Civic will be coming with more features, more powerful performance, and additional extra. Up until now, there hasn’t been any official confirmation from the company. Honda hasn’t even made it clear whether they are going to make the new type R or not.


2019 Honda Civic General Data

Remember that everything about the new 2019 Honda Civic is still a rumor – based on expectations and predictions of some of hardcore auto enthusiasts and fans. There are some quite interesting things about the new model. If it is true, the new type R will be coming with inline 4 turbocharged engine with 2.0 liter capacity delivering 306 hp of power with automatic six or ten speed transmission.

2019 Honda Civic interior
2019 Honda Civic interior

If the new type R is powerful enough, it should be able to reach 60 mph in 6.5 seconds with top speed reaching 150 mph. Not so bad, huh? You can say that the new vehicle will have a more promising performance and feature than the last one.

2019 Honda Civic Updates

Although the new ride will have a more promising feature and power, there will be some similar features that remain from the current vehicle. For a start, the chassis will be similar to the current one. The chassis won’t be the only thing made similar as there will be brakes and suspension setup. Although some people say that it is possible for Honda to install the carbon ceramic brake for their variants with front wheel driving system, such an arrangement will be costly. For now, the price tag for the type R is set around $30,000 but if the new carbon ceramic brake is installed, it is possible that the price will be $60,000. Will the buyers be excited about it? I don’t think so.

2019 Honda Civic Design

It is highly likely that the new 2019 Honda Civic will be coming with the modular Honda’s architecture. From design point of view, this will be interesting. However, it is possible that the already small trunk will be smaller even more. Because of it, the driveshaft will intrude within the car’s cabin and make the car somewhat heavier. The final result may be a faster and more powerful vehicle but it won’t be as comfortable for driving.

2019 Honda Civic exterior
2019 Honda Civic exterior

We haven’t been really sure about the mechanism and plan for the new 2019 model. But let’s hope that the 2019 Honda Civic type R won’t be disappointing.


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