2019 Honda CRV: The (Even) Better Improvement


What to expect from the new 2019 Honda CRV? When it was first released in 2009, the CRV has become one of the most popular lines from Honda. The compact crossover is somehow able to boost sales and captivate auto enthusiasts’ attention through the simple and yet stylish design with some of the advanced features. So, what should you should wait from the 2019 model, anyway?

2019 Honda CRV Changes Plan

2019 Honda CRV
2019 Honda CRV

We have just witnessed the release of the fifth generation during Detroit international Motor Show in 2016 and sales began in December 2016. If you see the new construction from the fifth gen, it uses the same platform and design as the Civic, with high quality steel comprises more than 50% of the construction. What do you think will happen to the 2019 Honda CRV? It is most likely that it will follow the same formula as the fifth generation – with possibility of some updates and refreshments.

2019 Honda CRV Price and Release Date

2019 Honda CRV Price
2019 Honda CRV Price

It is a bit shady and difficult to get the details of the new 2019 Honda CRV because Honda doesn’t want to talk about it just yet. Considering that Honda will release some of the variants, the starting price may be around $25,000 for the basic LX. For the top variant, it is most likely that it will be around $33,000. Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation about the release date, it is most likely that introduction will start around the middle of 2018, followed by official launch by the end of 2018. If everything doesn’t go as planned, the early 2019 will be the latest date for the launch.

2019 Honda CRV Engine

Predictions have come concerning the engine option. There will be the four cylinder turbocharged engine with 1.5 liter and the direct injection type with 2.4 liter. Both of the engines produce 185 hp of power but they are found in different variants. The 2.4 type will be available in LX while the 1.5 type is designed for the EXL, EX, and Touring.

2019 Honda CRV engine
2019 Honda CRV engine

Is there any chance that the hybrid option will be made available for this new 2019 Honda CRV? Why not? If Honda decides to create a hybrid type, they may combine 2 electric motors with four cylinder gasoline engine with 2.0 liter capacity. These kinds of engine arrangements will be matched with manual six speed transmission or the special CVT type – along with front wheel driving systems for the basic variant while the top variants will be coming with all wheel driving system.

2019 Honda CRV Design

Redesigned project happened within the last production revealed in 2016 where the CRV came with more aggressive and muscular stance. With wider and longer hood, along with muscular fenders, it is pretty easy to see why the car remains popular and likable. For the 2019 model, it is possible that the new CRV will be sportier and somewhat more aggressive than before. The design for chassis will take after the Civic while the headlights will be based on Acura. Sounds interesting for the new updates of 2019 Honda CRV.


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