2019 Land Rover Defender: What Updates to be Expected?


As if the rumor about the 2018 model hadn’t been completed, now there are rumors flying about the upcoming 2019 Land Rover Defender. We have been presented with predictions and news for the 2018 model and yet, the rumors about the 2019 model have been blown away.


Who doesn’t know Defender with its iconic construction and signature model? Land Rover knows about this fact and they have been keeping the same design for decades. But let’s face it; time changes and the company needs to make a new adjustment for the upcoming model. And after they have made some plans for the 2018 model, they have also developed a new scheme for the 2019 model. After all, the old iconic design has been known for the powerful offroad ability which isn’t very good for the smooth urban setting. And that’s why Land Rover is willing to compromise.


So, what’s plan is stored for the new 2019 Land Rover Defender, after all? First of all, it will be coming with a more modern and attractive styling without ditching the unique construction and iconic model – just like the company does to the 2018 model. Second, the new model will be coming with aluminum construction which affects the weight and improves the fuel consumption. Third, it is highly likely that the 2019 model will be coming with diesel only powertrain.


As it was mentioned before, Land Rover won’t be drastically changing the overall design of the Defender 2019. They will still keep the boxy design, which has been the signature style for decades. There will be a good combination of the old and new with softened edges to improve efficiency and aerodynamics as well as reducing wind noise and fuel consumption.

Rumor has it that the new 2019 Land Rover Defender design is based on the DC100 concept with its three door arrangement and shorter wheelbase. But it is also possible that they may tweak the platform and come up with longer wheelbase with five door arrangement. Who knows? We can only wait and see.


The new Defender will be coming with V8 supercharged diesel 2.0 liter engine although the DC100 concept was coming with the V8 petrol 5.0 liter option. The company wants to improve the offroad abilities, focusing on the Terrain Response technology, Hill Descent Control, and Progress All Terrain Control. Improving grip is also crucial because they want to improve the control and handle. What do you think about the new 2019 Land Rover Defender?

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