2019 Land Rover Defender: Will There Be One?


There hasn’t been any official confirmation about the release of 2019 Land Rover Defender but rumors have been flying around about this type of vehicle. Let’s face it, Defender has been one of the most iconic vehicles in the auto world but the lack of major refreshment and improvements have made it quite unappealing. You have to admit that it doesn’t lack of power but the same thing can’t be said for the appearance.

There is an interesting rumor about the 2019 Land Rover Defender stating that the pickup may not use the bigger chassis anymore but they may turn to the one tone mid size design instead. This is designed so there will be a significant improvement in the sales number, especially in the 4×4 segment. Considering that Defender has to compete against Jeep Wrangler, X-Class from Mercy, Ford Ranger, and also Toyota Hilux, the company wants to make sure that they have prepared everything carefully and thoroughly.

Since the segment has been dominated by the Ford and Toyota, it would be great if there is a change in the platform, especially with the Defender taking charge for a change. After all, Land Rover has divided their productions into three different variants: Discovery, Range Rover, and Defender. And they are going to launch their luxury lines with the Ranger, Range Rover Sport, the Evoque, and then Velar – the newest option. Each variant will have their own functions and usages. While the Discovery and Discovery Sport will be designed for adventurous activities, the 2019 Land Rover Defender should be used as both utes and wagons – making use of the functionalities and capabilities to the max.

The existence and possibility of the new Defender is still unsure because there will be problems in the designing and producing. Considering that the Defender wagons will be constructed from the monocoque aluminum, how the company will manage with the ute’s chassis? Of course, the need to further develop and plan everything.

Another problem is about customers’ demand with one tone mid size 4×4 utes have been growing as one of the most popular vehicles with high demands – which seem to only grow from time to time. Because of the increased demands, it is no wonder if premium brand like Mercy has finally joined the crowd by producing the X-Class type. What do you think the 2019 Land Rover Defender will be like?

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