2019 Lexus ES: What to Wait?


What to expect from 2019 Lexus ES? This popular sedan is said to come with a more aggressive design with several fresh touchups here and there. After all, the sedan has been known for its sleek styling and with the new production, it is expected that the new ES variant will be able to appeal interests from auto enthusiasts and lovers.

2019 Lexus ES Redesigned Plan

The ES has been a popular sedan and Toyota knows about it. And to improve the appeal of the upcoming model, the company plans to have a more aggressive styling for their 2019 Lexus ES. The idea is based on the flagship LS variant and its angular lines. That’s why, you can expect the new ES to be wider, lower, and yet longer with a visible touchups.

2019 Lexus ES
2019 Lexus ES

Will it mean that Toyota is changing the basic philosophy of the ES formula? Not at all. There will be some visible aspects to find from the signature style, including the fact that Toyota is sharing some of its mechanical elements with other sedan variants, such as Avalon and Camry. In short, you can expect the new ES to still retain its signature style while having a refreshed design.

2019 Lexus ES Importance

Why do auto enthusiasts think that the new 2019 Lexus ES is important? The ES has always been a popular model – the second one after the crossover RX. This year, though, the RX is said to be replaced by the crossover NX. The problem with sedan is the fact that its popularity is declining – more and more SUVs and crossovers are chosen by auto lovers because of the size and the capability.

2019 Lexus ES interior
2019 Lexus ES interior

But it seems that Toyota is persistent enough to remain producing the ES, focusing on some of the key elements such as roomy interior cabin and affordable price. The ES has been set as the luxurious and elegant sedan, and it is hoped that the new design will add the appeal. With sleek design and possibly a mid size dimension, this line will be able to attract attention from auto enthusiasts. After all, Toyota has planned to trim the ES so it will be lighter and more compact without compromising performance and power.

2019 Lexus ES Construction

2019 Lexus ES redesign
2019 Lexus ES redesign

Since the 2018, Toyota will be using their new TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform. With this new platform, the new 2019 Lexus ES will be wider and lower – similar to the impressive last production of Camry. The wheelbase will be longer to allow the room on the rear area

2019 Lexus ES Engine

Hopefully, Toyota will still use the V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity, delivering 300 hp of power. If it is paired with the automatic 8 speed transmission, you can expect a reliable driving comfort. Is it possible to expect the hybrid variant? It is likely although Toyota hasn’t made any official confirmation about it.

The new ES is possibly launched around 2018, either in the middle or in the end. For the price, the 2019 Lexus ES will start from around $40,000 and reach $43,000.

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