2019 Toyota Supra And The Anticipated Supercar


If you have been waiting for the upcoming updates for 2019 Toyota Supra, here is probably a good news for you. Be prepared to have the V6 turbocharged engine along with the manual suspension. Among the many other good things to expect from Supra, these two facts are definitely a good piece of information for the loyal auto enthusiasts.

2019 Toyota Supra Upcoming Plans

People have been waiting for the further updated info about 2019 Toyota Supra and some of the leaked news in the past have shown that the future Supra won’t be coming with manual suspension. But considering that Toyota is working together with BMW for the latest projects, including the Z4, there are always possibilities that the company is changing their minds over a few things.

2019 Toyota Supra
2019 Toyota Supra

Within the latest update about the Z4, there is an option for manual gearbox. So, it would be odd if Toyota doesn’t consider having at least the manual suspension for their upcoming Supra. But it has been confirmed that the new Supra may likely come with the option for manual transmission, which is definitely a good news for supercar lovers.

2019 Toyota Supra Possible Engine

2019 Toyota Supra
2019 Toyota Supra

The same source claimed that the upcoming 2019 Toyota Supra won’t be using the inline six unit which is sourced from Beemer. Instead, the supercar is likely coming with V6 turbocharged unit with 3.5 liter capacity, delivering possibly 400 hp of power. There is also a possibility of having the hybrid unit as the alternative. Will Toyota be using the inline four cylinder, a unit that has been rumored long before? There hasn’t been any confirmation about it, including from the source.

2019 Toyota Supra: Some of the Facts

Toyota is seriously building a car that isn’t all about power, but also about artistic feature and stylish design. That’s why they are rekindling the old name of Supra, with the hope that such legendary moniker is able to once again bring the glory of strength and speed.

2019 Toyota Supra features
2019 Toyota Supra features

However, building such a majestic vehicle is costly so teamwork is needed to press cost down. So far, Toyota has been working together with Subaru for the 86 and now they are working together with BMW for the Z4 updates.

Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation about it, it seems that Toyota will introduce the 2019 Toyota Supra during Tokyo Auto Show within this year. BMW alone has introduced the Z4, which is still a concept car at Pebble Beach. The car is said to be completely different from the Supra but looking at the design can give you a slight insight of how the sport car should look like when it is finally launched.

If everything goes as planned, the new Supra will be built in Graz, Austria, and Toyota will only produce 60,000 units. But everything can always change, especially if there is an increasing demand for it. Considering that Supra will be competing against Mustang and Camaro – as well as A5 Audi coupe, Mercy C-Class coupe, and 4 Series BMW, Toyota needs to be serious about designing their upcoming 2019 Toyota Supra.