2020 Nissan GTR: The Future Hypercar


Although there hasn’t been any news or confirmation about the new 2020 Nissan GTR, rumors and predictions have been flying around. It seems that the GTR has its own loyal and hardcore fans – and they have anticipated everything related to this sporty line. They probably have heard some updates from the inside resources but whatever that is, rumors about the new GTR have existed.

Predictions and Rumors

Rumor has it that the new 2020 Nissan GTR will be coming with a hypercar hybrid ability which is claimed to even boost the ability and power of the line. One of the hardcore fans is Matt McCulloh which is the administrator at GTRLife Forum as well as the co-founderof NA (North American) GTR Owner Club. After seeing the introduction of the GTR 2017, the man impressed and stating his opinion, which includes the production for 2020 model.

After stating his impression of the refreshed model for the 2016 and compare it to the 2007 design, he stated that the new GTR seems to come from the concept model for 2020. He clearly stated his admiration of the line, how much better the sporty car looks like now – especially since the refreshed model in 2016. He then said that Shiro Nakamura, the designer of GTR line, has taken ideas and inspirations from the Vision 2020 Gran Turismo and combine it with the 2005 Proto concept. According to McCulloh, despite the smaller outcome of the design, the real result is pretty much more impressive than the idea.

The Future Ride

McCulloh seems to have a pretty good idea of how the R36 model will be the next generation of the production, probably set as the 2020 Nissan GTR. Aside the possibility of the new production to come with two seat arrangement, it is also possible that it will become a super ride, similar to 918 from Porsche – and it is also possible that it may be available in hybrid system.

He seems to be confident enough about the future of GTR, considering that the ride has always been a sophisticated ride with high end technologies. And considering that hybrid system seems to be the future of the auto industry, Nissan should realize the pressure of having such a technology.

For the price tag, it will definitely be higher from the current one. If the current product is around $100,000 or $110,000, it is highly likely that the new 2020 Nissan GTR may start from $150,000 – he doesn’t see any number lower than that.