Acura TLX 2018: The Promising Handsome Sedan


You can expect some refreshing styles and designs from Acura TLX 2018. It is confirmed that the new cosmetic touch-up will be inspired from the MDX crossover styling so there should be something new to expect. The TLX sedan has gained a heavy refreshment to improve not only the look but also functionality and performance. So, what should you expect from the new sedan, after all?

Price and Release Date

Honda has been awfully quiet with this new line; it seems that they are planning a huge surprised and they want to keep everything covered until the big day. They haven’t said anything official about the release date but it is highly likely that the second half from the year 2017 will be their upcoming schedule. For the price, it is predicted that $32,000 will be the base price. Hopefully, the new Acura TLX 2018 will be as good as promised.


The company said that the improvement will also affect the fuel efficiency number with 24 mpg for the city and 35 mpg for the highway – which is pretty impressive for such a city sedan. Not to mention that the new TLX will be coming with a new design taken from Precision Concept, which was used for the MDX styling. Expect improvements not only the exterior appearance but also in an overall performance and power. After all, it would be impossible to refresh a vehicle without focusing on the engine and handle, won’t it?


As what happened to the MDX, a new grille design will also be incorporated in the new Acura TLX 2018, along with the LED lighting system. On the back side, there will be new lights as well, along with the new exhaust design within the lower bumper. It is possible that the new ride will be coming with low rear blacked out fascia that is paired with round exhaust outlet and trunk lid spoiler. Rumor has it that the new diamond pentagon grille will be the major focus of change but we have to really wait for the official announcement to see the real design and outlook.


There has been various rumors about the engine arrangement but having a hybrid technology is a possible option. If there is a new TLX hybrid, it is likely that the technologies are inspired from the one and only Accord hybrid, producing 212 hp of power. Let’s wait and see for the upcoming Acura TLX 2018 release, shall we?